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We ship to Canada & many other international destinations!

Welcome to Big Tall Direct! We offer:


We have been serving the big and tall clothing market for over 25 years, and journeyed into online selling in 1997. We were one of the online pioneers for Men’s Big and Tall clothing.

Speed & Completeness

We ship 99.5% of all orders complete. Therefore, you should receive your package within days of ordering. With the integrated supply chain between our warehouse and physical stores, you are sure to receive your big and tall clothes in the shortest time possible. 

Global orders for King Sized men's clothes are welcome. We ship worldwide with cost effective shipping from the US Postal Service & FedEx International Economy. Most orders received within 2 weeks. Canadian customers usually receive very fast service.

Ease of Ordering

Our unique website design allows you to shop online much as you would in a store. "What do you have in my size?" is answered fast with QuickSearch. Our powerful search feature allows you to quickly see what is in stock and to sort by Men’s big and tall clothing categories. We show you what's on hand in our warehouse, and, in some instances, the special order items from reliable manufacturers.

Am I Big or Am I Tall?

Are you that guy who walks into a department store, or any store for that matter, only to find nothing that fits correctly? Is everything too tight, too short, or simply unflattering? Maybe you're not the average Joe. If you are having trouble finding well-fitted clothing everywhere you look, then your measurements are probably outside the standard clothing size.

Big and tall clothing provide the solution for men who face difficulties finding stylish clothing in a standard store. But how do you know if you wear big, tall, or even both? For men of average height and full waist sizes, big is the way to go. These garments are cut fuller in the waist for a more flattering and comfortable fit. Tall on the other hand, are designed for men who are generally over 6'2".   Check out our infographic!

Great Variety

We offer you all the products you would expect in a traditional store, but also give you access to much more Big Men’s Clothing than could be stored in one retail location. Our website is user- friendly, allowing you to search for your specific size, so that you are not bombarded with sizes that do not fit a Big and Tall man. No more of the frustration of looking at merchandise, only to find it's out of stock, on backorder, or not even made in your size. Big and Tall stores are hard to find these days, which is why Big Tall Direct can be your one stop online source for Big and Tall Men’s clothing.

Our big and tall shorts, crew neck tees, and a complete line of big and tall athletic wear mean that you have the option to relax in comfort in quality brand clothing that comes in the sizes and styles that are right for you. For those times when you want something a little more presentable, our big and tall polos, dress slacks and accessories offer you a wide selection of choices. There is simply no better or affordable way to build a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and your size.  


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!


International customers are responsible for VAT in their receiving countries and these will be collected at point of delivery.


Global orders for Big & Tall men's clothes are welcome.  We ship worldwide with cost effective shipping from the US Postal Service.  Most orders received within 2 weeks.  Canadian customers usually receive very fast service.

Other countries we commonly ship to include: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy,  & Portugal.  APO/FPO orders also welcome.